Home Theatre

What if you could surf the internet on your high-definition TV? That’s not all. Watch a movie, YouTube video or even a slideshow from your laptop.

You can keep listening to your favourite music playlist when you move to another room. Simply use the multi-source controller, and you’ve got surround sound, no matter where you are.

Immerse yourself in a home theatre system that works seamlessly with multi-source sound in each room. Because you deserve the very best in home entertainment.

Your dream home can be eco-friendly, too. With energy saving solutions, you can go green by cutting your energy consumption. Intelligent climate control lets you program room temperature to rise or fall at different times of the day, using less energy when it’s cool outside. You can program the curtains to close at specific times, so that the midday heat stays out, and your air-conditioner consumes less energy.

Forgetting to switch the lights off is a thing of the past. Automated lighting lets you decide when you want the lights on, even when you’re not at home. Control lights from a touch panel or your mobile device. With ProAktiv Solutions, a green home is yours at the touch of a button.