These are the brands that we use when sourcing for components in our home automation solutions. For more information about the individual products used in our home automation solutions, take a look at our Catalog

Crestron Electronics leads the way in automation systems. With 57 global offices, Crestron has been providing the best in technology and lifestyle for the consumer and corporate markets worldwide for over 40 years.

Control lighting, climate, movies, and music with Crestron touchpanels that look and feel good. Or use your iPad™, iPhone® or iPod® touch - with Crestron, the possibilities are endless.

Prodigy by Crestron: One of the most respected and trusted names in home automation worldwide. Prodigy offers one-touch control for climate, lighting, and audio/visual entertainment from any room in your house, or even remotely.

Installed in more homes worldwide than all other brands combined, Crestron is the global standard in luxury homes. With the benefit of Crestron's quality, know-how, and support, Prodigy provides quality and flexibility in home automation.

Violet Audio is a boutique audio electronics company based in Melbourne, Australia. With many years of experience in audio production, studio design and electronic development, Violet Audio produces commercial audio products in a development-oriented environment. Launched in June 2004, Ruckus Wireless is a Wi-Fi technology trailblazer that creates advanced indoor and outdoor Wi-Fi systems for mobile operators, service providers and enterprises around the world.

By developing the first adaptive antenna (“Smart Wi-Fi”) products and technology, Ruckus Wireless has redefined wireless communications. Ruckus was recently named the number one privately held telecoms supplier by Inc. magazine and ranks #26 in the Inc. 500 list of fastest growing privately held companies.

The Fostex Company is one of the largest global developers of OEM speaker and transducer products. Widely used in the professional and prosumer music and broadcast industries, Fostex has been producing quality audio products since 1973, and is listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. What's the Meyer difference? Meyer Sound products are manufactured at its Berkeley factory, where cutting-edge technology meets artisans' passion. Meyer Sound is devoted to meeting the needs of audio professionals with the finest products available by drawing on the industry’s most extensive and knowledgeable customer support base, and ensuring the highest standards of technical education.
KLOTZ a.i.s. manufactures state-of-the-art cables for TV and radio broadcast systems, hotels, and conference centres, among others. KLOTZ a.i.s also produces quality cables for the professional music industry, from recording studios to concert venues. When it comes to professional audio/video cable systems, KLOTZ a.i.s has been providing exceptional quality, performance and ongoing innovation to consumers and industry professionals since 1979. ONKYO, which means 'audio' or 'sound' in Japanese, has been producing precision audio components for over 50 years. Founded in 1946, ONKYO's philosophy is to create products with outstanding design and excellence.

Since then, ONKYO has grown to become a leading international brand in audio/video components and home theater systems. By cultivating a global viewpoint paired with an awareness of individual market needs, ONKYO stands tall as one of the pioneers of the home theater and digital revolutions.