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There is no limit to the number and type of solutions that can be combined in a home automation system.

An automated home means that you can control lighting, sound, climate and more with a digital controller or remotely, from a mobile device. Home automation also allows you to make the most of technology by enabling customized presets for lighting and climate. The audio-visual solutions in an automated home provide control over multiple sound and visual sources, such as mobile devices, MP3 players, hi-fi sets, TVs, laptops, and so on.

Network infrastructure contains wired and wireless internet connections that can be used to connect all compatible devices in your home. For example, a network can include a wired broadband connection from your service provider, a router or switcher, and a wireless network that can be shared by laptops, computers, and compatible wireless printers in your home.

Our lighting solutions are part of a larger integrated home automation system that allows you to choose how bright each light should be, as well as program specific lights to be switched on or off at different times of the day. Unlike standalone items, our automated lighting solutions also allow you to switch lights on or off using a control panel or even remotely, with your mobile device.

If you're not sure which solutions best fit your lifestyle needs, come down to our showroom for a chat with one of our consultants, who can recommend solutions suited to your specific needs. Alternately, you can browse the product catalog online to get an idea of which solutions would be useful to you.

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Depending on the layout of your home and the home automation solutions that you have chosen, further renovations may not be necessary.