Here at Proaktiv Solutions, we’re dedicated to creating your dream home with the best in home automation. We understand your lifestyle needs, and we have the expertise to deliver a tailored solution that’s just right for you.



Managing Director, ProAktiv Solutions

My journey in the home automation industry began a long time ago. As an audiophile, I’ve always been very particular about sound: I want to bring the best out of music and home theatre sound in my own home. That passion grew to include an interest in architectural and ambient lighting, which I have cultivated since 2006.

I first began designing AV solutions in 1999, from Singapore to Moscow, Kazakhstan, Malaysia and Indonesia. After designing commercial Audio/Visual (AV) projects for radio and TV stations, shopping malls, places of worship, and hotels, I wanted to channel my passion for home automation into a new avenue.

I combined the knowledge I had accumulated with my interest in home automation by taking high-end commercial expertise into homes. Today, I treat every home project as if it’s my own home. That’s the ProAktiv difference.

General Manager, ProAktiv Solutions

Although I’m relatively new to the automation industry, I bring on board 10 years of experience in sales and marketing, business development and after-sales support from the aviation industry.

My passion for professional AV and prosumer products led me to an exhilarating challenge: developing and integrating professional AV and prosumer with automation products, creating not just home automation solutions, but a lifestyle which fits each of my clients’ needs.

Program Manager, ProAktiv Solutions

When I first began a new chapter of my journey with ProAktiv as a Product Specialist with ProAktiv Solutions, I was really excited. I love solving problems, and I love my work.. I enjoy helping clients find solutions and fine-tune their home automation systems so that they can get the most out out of their customized home automation solution.

Drawing on my previous experience as a Computer and System Engineer and the know-how acquired from my current role as a Product Specialist for all of ProAktiv’s AV and IT products, I work closely with all of ProAktiv’s partners on System Integration to deliver perfect homes to our clients. I’ve also completed troubleshooting exercises for system designs in commercial installations, which gives me the technical knowledge I need to provide clients with home automation solutions that work perfectly for their lifestyle.