ProAktiv´s Business Activities includes
Consultation Distribution
Design Engineering Turnkey Projects
AV/IT Convergence Network Audio    
For Repair and Service
Please deliver your equipments to us at;
10 Ubi Cresent #01-89, Ubi Techpark Lobby E
Singapore 408564.

Please call us at +65 3125 2121 or email us to arrange for an appointment.
Our warranty does not covers the following
  • Breakdown or damage due to in transit packing and shipment handled by the customer / carrier / transport agent.
  • Normal wear and tear due to normal operational adjustments, battery replacement or normal maintenance damage.
  • Deterioration or malfunction resulting from accident, negligence, misuse, abuse, perspiration, corrosive atmosphere, exposure to extreme heat, cold and dampness, improper use, storage, warehousing, maintenance, mishandling, Acts of God and Acts of Govements.
  • Defects or damage resulting from repair or attempted repair by anyone other than PROAKTIV or an authorized PROATIV servicing agent.
  • Improper installation or operation or failure to follow instructions accordingly to owner´s manual.
  • Products on which serial number has been detected, altered, obliterated, modified, removed, defaced or parallel imported.
  • Signal reception problems, usage or wrong electrical supply / voltage, power line surge or related electrical abnormalities, lighting damage or acts of God: RFI/EMI (interference/noise) caused by improper grounding or improper use of either certified or uncertified equipment.
  • Accessories such as antenna, AC adapters, batteries, cables, connectors, microphone, remote controls, etc supplies with the product.
  • Any evidence of alteration, erasing or forgery of proof-of purchase documents.